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Welcome guys! This website is for all the fans out there that enjoy watching this hot chick in action! We will open this sex marathon with a Lucie Theodorova video ! By clicking play you will have the chance to see this stunning babe as she is gonna get a session of hard fucking from this guy she met a few days ago! They met at the mall and they had lunch together and since then they are inseparable! Are you eager to see them in action? Let’s have a look at this hot smoking babe as she is wet and ready to get her peach pleased !

A few days have passed and they are still not bored when they are together and most of the time they are spending it in fucking sessions! If you click play you will she this guy as he is going to fuck her in the doggy style position while he pulls her hair and her firm and natural tits are jumping ! This guy is going to go faster and faster and then she is gonna slow down a little bit and after that he will be going to start again! If you wanna see these two lovers cumming all you have to do is to join our community and you will have access to much more hot content! Enjoy! Also, if you liked this video and you are looking for similar content, check out the site and see some see some sexy teens getting throat fucked!

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Lucie’s Amazing Footjob on Video

Hi guys and welcome! We are back with a fresh and funky update! We are going to watch today one of Lucie Theodorova’s videos! It will be like no other cause for this time this babe chose to please a guy with her feet! Can you imagine this stunning babe doing fetish stuff? Well, now you will have the chance to watch her as she is going to work pretty hard to make this guy cum and she will give access to her legs as he is going to touch them, lick them and cum on them! Let’s see what she prepared for us today!

We had no idea that this naughty babe and with hot smoking body is into these stuff but it doesn’t matter! We love her just the way she is! In this following video you will have the occasion to watch her teasing us with that fit body, then a guy is licking her feet! She will continue by handjobing him while this guy is licking her body! Then she is also gonna give him a footjob and she will be sucking that large cock while holding it with her feet! She will also lick his feet and this hot guy will be fucking her tight pussy from behind and after that she will be on top and he will stuff her ass hole! Are you interested in seeing more from where this came from? Have a look around at Lucie’s full bio, on her official IMDb page and enjoy!

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Lucie Theodorova – Outdoor Fun

Hey guys! What do you usually do during the summer to chill you all out? Do you like swimming? It was a new day of summer and this hot smoking babe got invited to a private pool party where was also the guy that she liked very much! When she went to the mall to choose a bathing suit she had no idea that she was gonna take it off and this guy is gonna please her over and over again by the edge of the swimming pool! Let’s see what happened there!


Lucie was preparing her lunch when she got a phone call from this guy that invited her to his place! It was a tall and hot guy that had some rich parents and as they were out of town he threw a party! This nasty babe was the first that arrived as his place so they thought a little bit of fun before starting the party it won’t do any harm so as he went to change his clothes this babe grabbed that purple dildo and began to fuck her pussy. Meanwhile he arrived and as her pussy hole was busy he stuffed that tiny ass hole with his extra large cock! Can you imagine that deep and intense orgasm that this babe had? Just watch this entire scene in which this stunning babe is getting a DP! Also you can enter Jordan Carver‘s personal blog and watch another beauty playing with herself!


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Private Sex Scene

Hi there fellas! Do you smoke? Do you remember what I told you last time when we have caught this nasty babe smoking? It seems like the relationship with that rich guy lasted for some time! Cause in the following scene we will have the chance to watch this stunning babe once again as they will be invited at another fancy party and babe will show up there a very expensive black dress! Let’s have a look at what happened at the after party between these two lovers!

It was Friday evening and this couple was getting prepared for the most important evening in town! They were trough the few that got the invitation and they were going to shock people with their appearance! After the event finished they headed home in their limouzine and got pretty heated up! As soon as they got home on their couch this guy took her dress down and started to touch her body and in the end her pussy and he began fingering it over and over again! Then he penetrated it with his massive cock and he slided in until this babe had a deep and intense orgasm! If you wanna see more from where this came from you are invited to have a look around cause there are much more amazing sex scenes! Also you can watch this great team skeet video and see another beauty getting her juicy cunt fucked! If you liked this scene and you wanna see another beauty getting her tight cunt fucked by big black cocks, check out the website and have fun watching slutty Alanah getting screwed!


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Stripping Madness from Nubiles

Hi there! Isn’t it time for you to watch a fresh new update with this hot chick Lucie? It seems like today this babe was in the mood of getting out and she chose to have a walk in the park with that guy that kept calling her all the day and she kept refusing him over and over again cause she did not have enough time. Now that the sun was on the sky and she had a day off she called him and they met in front of the park! Let’s have a look at what they have done there!

It was a very hot day of summer so this babe decided to wear only her short pink dress! As soon as they were alone this babe took it off and invited him to have look and touch her hot smoking body! In the end she took her white panties off and invited him to penetrate her holes over and over again! For this time he shoved his massive cock into her vagina in the doggy style position and he did it over and over until he made her climax! Enjoy this amazing outdoor sex scene! Also you can enter the site and see other stunning chicks getting off their sexy panties!


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Lucie Theodorova – Dildo Fucking Scene from Stunners

Welcome back guys! We are so glad to have you back in such a short notice! We also wanna invite you to have a look at some more hot scenes with the hot goddess Lucie Theodorova ! You already know her, so you know that when she gets heated up she must do something about it! Neither this time this chick could be stopped so as soon as she woke up she was searching butt naked trough her drawers for her old purple dildo! Let’s take a peek at what happened after!

It was 5 o’clock in the morning and she was already up cause she had a wet dream! Now she was looking for something that would stuff and calm down her eager peach! She did found that dildo and after rubbing her clit a little bit she shoved it in and kept sliding it in and out over and over again until she climaxed! Soon after that she wanted something more, so she began to stuff that large dildo into her tiny ass hole until she had multiple orgasm! If you are interested in seeing much more from where this came from you are invited to have a look around cause you might find much more hot content that you could enjoy! See you soon fellas! Until then, you can watch this great bikini heat Natali Blond scene and see another beauty getting naked for the cam!

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Slutty Maid Sex Scene from 21 Sextury

Hello guys! Have you have had the chance to have a maid into your house? It is time for you to watch Lucie Theodorova as she will be playing the role of a maid that gets fucked by her boss in this amazing update! As this babe was searching for a job she found one in the newspaper! All that this babe was supposed to do was to clean up the entire house, but what do you do when you have a pushy boss that keeps hitting on you? Well, let’s have a look at what this hot babe did!

It was Monday morning and it was her second week in this rich family’s house! Everyone was out, except the boss that was sleeping naked and this hot babe had to clean out his room! As soon as he saw her entering the room he invited her into his bed! So she ended up with her pussy stuffed by her boss’s massive cock! Well, this babe did enjoy the time that they have spent together and now she was on top! All she wanted was to have a deep and intense orgasm! Check out now this entire sex scene in which this babe is gonna hump her boss like crazy! If you wanna see another slutty chick sucking and riding big cocks, enter the website & have fun!


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Private Smoking Fetish

Welcome ladies and gentleman! What you are about to see today is part of this babe’s portfolio! We knew that she was dating one very rich guy but we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw her! This stunning babe was at an important party with a long black dress wearing some black stockings and some very sexy black lingerie! Everybody was watching her and they had no idea that at the end of the night she will enjoy one cigar with her lover! Let’s see what happened later that night!

After that fancy party they got to his extra large mansion and this babe stripped all her clothes! This nasty chick was sitting on her couch enjoying her cigar when this guy came over and started to touch her, squeezed her tits and then he started to rub her pussy! Soon after that she returned his favor by taking his massive cock into her mouth over and over again until he came on her face and in her mouth so she had to swallow all the cum that she could get! Just watch this entire scene and enjoy this facial that this hot babe got! Also you can enter the site and watch sexy Jodie masturbating, or click here and see some big titted babes getting their big boobs creamed!


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Lady In Red Gets Fucked

Hei there! How about having a look around at all these hotties? Well, we know that you have eyes only for this stunning babe Lucie! We won’t blame you! Cause she is a hottie like no other! You will have the chance of watching her today as she is going to have a visit from an old friend of hers and she will welcome him into her house by letting him penetrate that fine pussy and that round ass of hers! Let’s see how will this guy react when she will be opening the door in sexy red lingerie!

It’s been a while since they have seen each other the last time and now they are going to spend some time together and she was going to show him the town but not tonight cause she has other plans! As soon as they closed the door, this babe bended over giving to him a nice close up of her very wet pussy! So he did took her penis out and stuffed that tight hole over and over again and he also shoved his hard cock into her anus cause we wanted to fill it! So he did! If you wanna see this guy filling that tiny hole just watch this entire sex scene! Enjoy watching this video in which she gets a rough pounding in the same position!


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Lucie Theodorova – Fishnet Fetish

Welcome back pals! Did you had some fun last night with our latest update? We are thrilled to have you back so soon so we thought that you might enjoy to spend a little more time with this hot brunette Lucie Theodorova ! Today we will have her in a hot new scene that will be a little more different than the others cause today she is gonna wear a fishnet and she will be tease one guy that enjoys fetish stuff! Stay close if you wanna see this charming babe wearing a fishnet and some black leather boots!

This brunette honey came home today and she thought she might have a little bit time for herself cause lately she hadn’t had the chance of spending some time with her pussy and now she has to recover the time that she has lost! She loves rubbing her pussy for the video camera, just like slutty Chanel Preston! As soon as she was all by herself in the room one guy entered and when she saw her fingering her pussy she got pretty interested and started to jerk off! She thought she could help him so he got her ass up and this guy came and stuffed that peach hole over and over again until he came and filled it completely! Would you like to see more from where this came from? In this case you should have a look around cause you might find much more hot content! If you liked this beauty, join the site and see other gorgeous chicks revealing their perfectly shaped bodies!


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